Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night

The Chief's costume... well, we'll just let that speak for itself...and the desert mermaid before the party got started.

The mama, not in costume and Alexa.

This photo cracks me up. Look at all their faces..what a silly bunch of princesses.

My mom trying to get some food in Alexa. She was way too excited to eat. She just wanted to play with the girls.

My dad was the official griller.

The highlight of the evening is when the whole party piles on the top of two of our firetrucks and we get a scary ride through the desert. Here is one of the ghouls that chased us after the ride was over. Everyone really does it up good!

Ohhh, scary! The rest of the guys were scattered throughout the neighborhood, including a headless horseman ( yes, on a real horse) and several other chainsaw and axe wielding monsters. This was the first time that Alexa rode. She was scared at first and I would cover her eyes when it was too scary but by the end of it she was really having fun and knew that it was just silly fun.


Laura said...

What a fun night. Love all the princess'.


Jennifer said...


Your Halloween bash sounds GREAT!!!

Alexa's costume is great.