Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hey thanks!

How cool! This morning I was given this great award from my friend Jen who I just happened to share the most amazing event of my life with. Yes, we were thrown together as strangers and emerged as sisters. We share the common bond of watching each other " give birth" to our girls on that most memorable day February 7, 2006. Check out her cute Hubei girl.
I am supposed to pass this award on to 5 bloggers that I think are fabulous and believe me there are many more than five that fuel my blogging addiction. Jen already gave two of them an award so I'm not going to be a copycat. ; ) Head over to see Emma who is also a Hubei girl and Lia who's mom Kate is someone who I could see myself being friends with if ever given the chance to meet. She is a great photographer and Lia is gorgeous. I also love Boo Adventures and The Long Road to China. I really could go on and on but I won't because I could be sitting here at my computer all day and life is calling.
I love blogging and although the Chief would say I'm a little obsessed ( aren't we all?) it really has been a great creative outlet, a fun way to "meet" new friends and a cool way to document the life of my precious Alexa.
Cheers to all my blogger friends!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

MIA in Blogland

I feel like I have been missing in action here lately. I switched from my laptop that I was using to a new PC and all of my photos are still on that, I'm trying to figure out this one, set up my external drive, and basically get a handle on it. I hate change and everything about this switch is making me crazy not having it organized.
Life here in the Wild West has been a little less busy and that is a good thing. The beginning of the month was crazy and the past week has been laid back and it is just what we needed. Our weather has been sunny and warm and we've been outside most of the time soaking up the AZ sun.
Last Saturday we went to our FCC CNY festival. It was really fun but Alexa really was in a bit of a funk. She still gets a little overwhelmed at these events. She told me that " she doesn't like being around all those girls". She can be shy at times so it took her awhile to loosen up.
Yesterday we had her first conference with her teacher and she is doing really well. The funniest thing was that Ms. Renee said that she is "a bit too social" and doesn't complete her tasks because she it socializing. Hmm, imagine that! I was constantly in trouble during school for talking which is odd because I am really not much of a talker now. Alexa has always been super social and when we go to school most days parents and kids I don't even know are saying, "Hi Alexa!" She seems to know everyone...too funny. Ms. Renee also said that she enjoys spending time with the older kids, specifically the Kindergarten boys. Oh yes, just what we want! ; ( She also said she was a good listener ( which sort of surprised us) and that they loved having her in class.
To all you readers out there, I just finished China Ghosts by Jeff Gammage. If you haven't already read it, it is really good. : )

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Sweet Valentine

Alexa has a mailbox that the Valentine Fairy visits and drops off special treats every few days. When the flag is up, she knows the fairy has been here.

Alexa with her Valentine flowers to pass out to her friends at her school party today.

With her Valentine box that she decorated for school.

Excited about the day's activities.

She wore this dress last year when we went to Disneyland for her birthday. It's a bit short but I thought she looked so cute.

"Oh my, I can't believe it's almost Valentine's Day!"

I love this look.

I like the way the morning sunlight is on her pigtails and her face looks like it did when she was a baby. So sweet, my little Valentine.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

And baby made three!

Three years ago today on February 7th, 2006 you were placed in my arms. Words cannot even describe that day. I remember later my mom asked me if I cried and I told her that the energy in the room was so full of excitement that if I remember correctly not one of us cried. We were all so happy for each other and watching families that we had grown close to realize their dreams was so powerful. We will be bonded with them for life.
I remember when they brought all the babies in the room, everyone was trying to find their daughter ( they had all changed quite a bit from their referral pictures). The Chief spotted Alexa immediately and we literally could not take our eyes off of her. We had to sit there for a bit while our guide spoke and I remember I just kept saying over and over in my mind, "Just give me my child!" I had waited so long and we had been through so much that to sit there and wait was agonizing, but exciting because I knew the moment was happening. Life changing...that's all I can say!

Birthday Celebrations

I'm four! The day started out with blueberry waffles with berries and a whipped cream smiley face.

Next we went to Alexa's school in the afternoon to participate in the "Circle of Life" celebration for her birthday. She is looking a little nervous here because she doesn't know what to expect. Hmmm...who could that young boy in the green be sitting next to her? Yep. It's Michael.

For the celebration Alexa walked around her birthday candle in the center of the room 4 times while carrying the globe to signify one rotation for each year of her life. For each year I talked about her favorite things for that year and she showed the photographs. She was a little embarrassed but it was so cute. Then we all sang "Happy Birthday" and she passed out her treats. It was really cute and a nice way to celebrate.

These are her teachers, Ms. Renee and Ms. Lindsay. Alexa loves them and so do we!

After school we went over to my parent's house for a little party and dinner. Here Alexa is hugging her new nightgown from Poh Poh and Papa...the girl loves her nighties!

She loved her dinosaur card from them too.

The gumball machine! We told Alexa that she could chew gum when she turned 4 so we had to get her this. By the look on her face she was really excited.

Eagerly awaiting her birthday cake after dinner. She kept asking "Papa are you done yet?"

Blowing out her candles.

Yum! What a great birthday !!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday My Sweet Girl!

My sweet girl is 4 years old. Today is such a special day. You are everything to me and your dad. You capture hearts wherever you go because of your contagious spirit. There is so much inside of you that is bursting and laughter and life! You bring happiness to everyone around you and are so immensely loved. Each day with you is a gift that I open and say " Wow, look what I have been given!" We are so blessed to watch you grow and learn. You surprise us every day with your gifts and open our hearts each day with your humor. Your unwavering love for us reminds us of the joy of family and togetherness. You are growing up fast and I savor each memory, etching it in my mind. You have given me the most joy I have ever known in my life. Being your mother has changed me in so many ways. You make me a better person and I will always do my best for you.

Three years ago today was the day before we met you in China. You turned one year old the day before we held you for the first time. I was sad that we missed your first birthday but we celebrated once we got home. It is hard to believe that time has gone so fast. I remember every single moment in China like it was yesterday. That was truly the journey of my life. Your dad and I met wonderful friends that we will cherish for many years to come. You share a special bond with your "China girls" that I hope you will carry with you your whole life. You are a child of God, a shining soul from your birth country of China, and a daughter of your forever family. We love you to the moon and back!!!!!