Saturday, November 22, 2008

Park Playdate

Today we met our frineds Jenna and Jay at the park. Jenna had asked me if I would photograph Jay so I jumped at the chance. I'll take all the practice I can get. He was a great subject and it was fun to shoot someone else's child. His energy is totally different than Alexa's and it gave me the chance to try some new things. I think I get in a rut shooting Alexa ( a trillion photos will do that to you) and this was refreshing.
For Christmas I am getting a new camera ( I guess I was a good girl this year; ). I can't decide between the Canon Xsi and the Nikon D60. The Canon seems like a no-brainer but the Nikon was a nice fit when I tried them out. If anyone has any thougts about either of these or shoots with one, I would welcome any comments.

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Jennifer said...

Love Alexa's hair with the bows. So cute.

Dan got a new camera this past July. It's a Canon 40D. I don't know anything about the camera or the difference between cameras. Dan did a ton of research on camera before he bought one. He loves it.