Friday, March 28, 2008


Can you spot the grasshopper?

This picture says it all...forget about what they say about the "terrible twos"..the three's are downright frightening! Boy, she has been a handful. Defient. Independent. Sassy. I could go on and on....I can only tell myself that the Lord gave me this child cause he knew I could handle it! Amen and pray for me. : )

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

The Easter Bunny brought Alexa this umbrella...finally. She has been wanting an umbrella for months and she loved it. She also got a Madeline video, jump rope and chocolate bunny.

I think she opened and closed the umbrella 1000 times. I'm sure glad she knows how to do it herself.

Alexa and I made this cute Easter basket cake. We made a delicious brunch too.

Then we searched for eggs. I think the Easter Bunny needs to make it a little tougher next year.

Notice the bare feet. I think she will go off to college with no shoes on. She loves to be barefoot and the rocks do not even hurt her feet. She's our little nature girl.

Alexa picked out her own outfit including her bow and one of my necklaces. She is very into clothes and what matches and goes with what.

Poh Poh and Papa brought her a rake and broom so she could help daddy in the yard and a T-ball set which she has been wanting too. She sure is multi-talented!
We had a really nice Easter together!