Sunday, November 9, 2008

Breakfast Buddies

Alexa eyeing that little cup of butter on her plate...when I wasn't paying attention I caught her eating that straight out of the dish and right in her mouth!! me willies thinking about eating butter!

Amy and I cracking up...we're like two Chatty Cathy's together.

The girls.
Today we met our friends Amy and James and our previous adoption social worker Marcy, who is also their social worker for their current adoption, for brunch. Marcy is actually the one who introduced us to each other. Marcy and her husband Warren are moving back to the East coast so it was a farewell brunch of sorts. Marcy was fantastic throughout our adoption and I know James and Amy are sad to say goodbye to her before their adoption is completed. We are all hoping Amy and James don't have too much longer to wait. They will be such fantastic parents. ( Alexa adores them!)

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Jennifer said...

Alexa eating the butter cracks me up. Katie does the same thing.....yuck!