Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Hmmm...can you guess which pumpkin belongs to whom?

This has been such a fun year with Alexa. She gets really excited about every activity we do. Last year she wouldn't even put her hand in the pumpkin. She did a great job and did a lot of the scooping herself and helped make the face.

She looks way too mature in this picture. I keep reminding myself to treasure each moment and day because she won't be young like this much longer.

After bath tonight we went out back and lit up the pumpkins( don't you just love that smell). Afterwards we gazed at the stars and made wishes. I love her delight in the small things. : )


Kate said...


Looks like a fabulous way to ring in this Halloween!!! Alexa IS growing up too fast...I know because Lia is too....these are the moments we waited for...and like you...I treasure each one. Aren't we the luckiest Mamas on the block???

PS...very crafty pumpkin carving...I'm mucho impressed!!!

Jennifer said...

Great pumpkins!!!

Alexa does look so grown up in that picture.

I just said to Dan yesterday, that Katie seems so much older all of a sudden.

It goes by way too fast!


Kate said...
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