Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Halloween Honey!

Oh, how I love my little honey!  We are gearing up for Halloween around here, decorating pumpkins, wearing festive outfits, and lining up our weekend activities.  First we'll have a Pumpkin Fest at school with games and Trunk or Treat, then it's into town the next day for some good ole' Western Ghoulish fun, then off to Trick or Treat on the big day.  This will be Alexa's first time Trick or Treating at night as we have always had our neighborhood/Fire dept. party on Halloween. She is really excited for all the fun!!  We are too!

Halloween's a Hoot!

What a hoot!  It's Tika's first Halloween and she's a Big Horned Sheep!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Off to party!

We have been busy beavers here at the ranch!  Today we went to a fabulous girly party for one of Alexa's good friends from dance class.  I am loving those glasses with that dress! 

Life around here has been a warp speed since school started.  We have been attempting to accommodate 3 extra curricular activities in the addition to full time school.  Alexa goes to Chinese School, Karate and Dance and finally something had to give.  We decided to give Karate a break for a couple of months then resume after the holidays.  I really want to be careful about burning Alexa out.  So now we just have two late days a week.  Our weekends have been totally booked with birthday parties and playdates.  I cannot believe sometimes the social life of a 5 year old.  Wears me out!