Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Nutcracker Ballet

Yesterday Alexa, my mom and I attended the Nutcracker Ballet. It was the first ballet for all of us and we loved it! I can't believe I have never been to the ballet before. What a shame. Alexa really enjoyed it and was mesmerized the first act. The second act she was getting a little tired and ansy but overall she thought it was great. The costumes and sets were so beautiful and much more elaborate than I expected. Alexa has been in ballet for 2 years and seeing the professionals was quite a treat for her. Another great memory created this holiday!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


The best part! Friday afternoon my mom, Alexa and I had a marathon of baking. It was really fun. Alexa enjoyed making the sugar cookies with Poh Poh, who is a very patient teacher. ; )

She is a serious baker. She worked really hard at rolling the dough and making the cutouts.

Decorating and licking the icing is worth all the hard work!

With my mom, loading up some sprinkles on the one she made for Santa.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Are you ever overwhelmed by the love you have for your child? I'm certainly not surprised how much I love her but how pure and full and true it is. It is different than any other relationship. It just makes me a better person too in so many ways. Being a mother was always in my heart from a very early age. When people would ask me what I wanted to be I would say "a mom". My nickname in high school was "mom". I guess I was a natural at taking care of my friends so they felt it fitting. I also know that is one of the reasons why I became a teacher. I just really loved all my students like they were my own. But motherhood is for me is like the calm in the storm. It is what makes me feel whole and worthy and capable. It is one thing for sure that I know I'm good at. I cannot imagine going through this life without this experience.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Pageant

Last night Alexa had her Christmas Pageant for school. She looks like a little opera singer in the last two photos. She really loves to sing and knew all the words to the songs. She loves being on stage and is not shy. A couple of times she wanted include some dance moves but the two girls on either side of her gave her some looks like "Don't try it girl, there's not enough room." She even curtsied at the end. I true diva in the making. My folks came too of course and we all really enjoyed watching her. She looked beautiful in her dress and enjoyed getting her hair curled and a little makeup on before the show. I love that she is so girly and enjoys all the foo foo stuff. We have so much fun getting ready together! It was a great night!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Yesterday we put up the Christmas tree and the outside lights. It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas out here in the desert. When I was growing up it was always my job to set up the Nativity set under the tree. I still have the old set that was actually my grandparents but it is missing a few key players like Joseph and a wise man. I bought Alexa a new set last year and she loves setting it up just like I did. The funny thing is that now she combines both sets and has two baby Jesus' and it is quite the lot of characters to set up and make sense of.

Besides the big tree and her pink tree in her room, Alexa has always enjoyed decorating this little tree when I am getting the big one ready. She really takes her time and loads it up. She also loves snow globes ( I'm thinking of maybe starting a collection for her and getting her one every year).

After a day of decorating and baking we bundled up ( it was 40 degrees here last night!) and headed out to a Christmas pageant that is literally put on in the middle of the desert. It was really cool. You follow the luminaries out to the spot and our local theatre troop puts on the story of the birth of Jesus including a live donkey and the wise men riding in on horses! They had an angel ( who must have been freezing) up on the mountain and they would light her up along with the North Star. It was narrated and also sung by a choir. It was really something. This morning Alexa and I reenacted it( with our respective sets). I think it was a wonderful way for her to relearn the story of Christmas.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pink is pretty darn great!

What girl doesn't like a pink tree with lights in her bedroom? I ran around all over town today while Alexa was at school looking for a pink tree. Every store was sold out! Finally after picking her up we tried our trusty Targ*t and sure enough Alexa spotted one...the last one they had. She really is into pink and purple right now so we snagged some purple and silver ornaments. She could not wait to get home and get right to work setting it up. I had found the cutest little pink sequined tree skirt( at K*hls) and we got it all ready for decorating. She didn't want any help or suggestions and even though it is quite bottom heavy it looks super and she LOVES it!! She actually made a little bed next to it with her pillow and blankets and is sleeping on the floor next to it. So darn cute!!! I love the simple things like this that make Christmas time so special.