Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

 Christmas morning ( early!) sitting on her new beanbag.  I managed to get up before her but she admitted she peeked at the tree when she had to go potty, therefore missing the authentic first look reaction. 
 Opening up her mermaid fins for the pool. She has been really wanting this for two summers and her feet finally fit in it.
 A dual gift for daddy and Alexa.  They have gotten much enjoyment out of this already.  Check out the hat too...he has been wearing continuously since Sunday morning...guess he likes it. : )
Dressed up before heading out to my sister-in-law's house for Christmas dinner.

Christmas Eve 2011

 Alexa's gift to her Elf on the Shelf Daisy, a book she made about unicorns.
 Love my cheeky girl!
 At my folk's house for Christmas Eve dinner.
 Opening gifts.  As requested, lots of horse toys on the list this year.
 Santa's cookies and note as well as some carrots for the reindeer. 
Christmas Eve night after Santa has delivered his gifts.  I love when all is quiet, everyone is sleeping ( except this hard working elf) and all the preparations are done.  The excitement and joy my girl feels the whole season is so infectious and it really is a wonderful time of the year.