Thursday, January 31, 2008

Alexa's Classroom B-day Celebration

Alexa's birthday is not until Wednesday but since we'll be at Disneyland she celebrated today with her friends at school. She picked out cupcakes with sprinkles to bake. We also made treat bags for everyone and she passed those out too. She usually has 12 kids in class but there was only 6 today so it was a small party. ; )

It's Snowing!

Yesterday it snowed. Go figure. It lasted about an hour then the sun came out and it was gone. Alexa played in it and thought it was great fun.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Going to her friend's B-day party!

Okay, I had to post these...way too cute. Today we went to a friend's b-day party at My Gym. Alexa had never been to one before and she had so much fun! When the party was over she cried. All the way home she kept telling me how sad she was that we had to leave. So it looks like we may be adding My Gym to the summer schedule.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Dinner Conversation

This was a priceless conversation at dinner tonight:

Robert: Guess what? After dinner we can watch Robin Hood.
Alexa: And have popcorn?
Robert: Sure
Alexa: Mom? You too? You'll watch Robin Hood too and have popcorn?
Me: Sure
Alexa: (smiles and opens her arms wide) Oh yeah! We'll be a family.
Robert & Me: Yes!
Alexa: (lays her head back on her chair, sighs and says) Oh, it's a perfect day. : )

GiGi's in town!

Alexa's Great-grandma is in town. They have been having all sorts of fun together. Today we went to the train park. It was a beautiful 65 degrees and sunny. We rode the carousel, train, played in the park and had a picnic lunch. Gotta love winters in AZ. : )

Saturday, January 12, 2008

We love to do crafts! Enjoy birdies!

Today we made this birdfeeder from a pincone so the birds could have a winter treat. We usually do a craft once a week and cook/bake once a week. Alexa loves to do hands-on projects. Notice the peanutbutter on her lip! ; )

Quad Ride

These two crazy kids! They have so much fun together!

A Visit to PohPoh and Papa's House