Saturday, September 24, 2011

Good Ol' County Fun

 Alexa took this shot.  She is actually a very good photographer.  She brings her camera everywhere and captures some really cool things. 
 Love her smile.  She loves being out on the quad.  Our girl has a need for speed just like her parents. 
 She loves her daddy, that's for sure!
Alexa told her daddy that I was 99% city and 1% Indian the other day which cracked me up.  I am actually 50% Polish, 12% American Indian and the rest Irish.  I do consider myself a city girl at heart and have been "converted" into a quasi-country girl.  I love to get dressed up and go out for sure, but I sure do enjoy my country life out here in the desert.  I love that my daughter can grow up learning all that the outdoors has to I just need to get that girl to the city more often! ; )

Saturday, September 10, 2011


It's finally under 100 degrees!!! Yipeeeeeeeeee!  Seriously, I think we had like 30 days in a row over 100 degrees..some days were like 116.  It's been HOT!  I love AZ weather and the heat really doesn't bother me but being stuck in the house does.  My favorite thing is to have the house all opened up and the breeze blowing through it.  I hate air conditioning but the hubby loves it cold in the house and it really is a necessity.

When we woke up and felt how "cool" it was we got our early and took a long quad ride. It was fun and so nice to be out in nature.  After lunch we even spent some good ole' family time lounging on the patio together.  Bliss....this is why we live in AZ!!