Monday, November 3, 2008

The Itch to Write

No photo today..just feel like writing. first thought is "Yea! Halloween is over!" I love holidays but the minute it is over I'm all about getting the crap put away. Same goes for Christmas. December 26 is clean up day and I am out in the garage getting the boxes to pack it up. It just makes me feel all itchy and nervous to have it in the house too long. Boy, I must be a joy to live with.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Alexa's tummy being upset a lot and I just couldn't figure it out. Well I did. It hit one day when I was on the phone with my mom talking about it. Ever since Alexa was a baby she has had bloody noses in the nighttime. The first time it happened she was just 1 and I walked in her room in the middle of the night to find her covered in blood. Her entire footy pjs were red. It scared the crap out of us. We took her to the doctor after it happened a few more times and she has had her nose cauterized twice to make a scab to stop the bleeding. The dryness in the desert is awful and this is what is most likely causing it. It only happens in the winter and at night. It's quite traumatic for her to have it done so this year when they started up again I said no more. I will not put her through that again. So every night I put the saline nose drops in and put a little Vaseline in her nose and she has the humidifier on at night. So far so more bloody noses. So, back to the tummy aches. What I believe was happening is that she was dripping blood down the back of her throat and into her stomach and this was what was causing the tummy problems. It hit me when she began to spit the blood out and I was thinking, that is not normal. She has not complained of one tummy ache since the bloody noses have ceased. We all feel better and she is sleeping better through the night as well.

Alexa is doing great in school. She seems to love it and has made a lot of friends. She still prefers the boys as friends, not sure why but if it works for her, great. She is getting really good at writing her name and is trying super hard to count to 100. ( she can make it to 60). She loves to draw, paint and make collages. She is still very much into dinosaurs and can name many of them. She loves playing with her babies and usually assigns me a "daughter" and I have to be its mom all day. She still has boundless energy and cracks us up with her sayings like " You can say that again." or "My pleasure" when you say thank you for something. She has religion class at school and it is so cute to hear her talk about Jesus. I'll never forget the time when she was just 2 years old and was in the shopping cart at Safeway and yelled out "Praise the Lord", right there next to the ice cream. I think I almost peed in my pants that day. It was so random.

My favorite holiday is approaching..yes Thanksgiving and this will be my first time eating turkey again in 20 years. I recently started eating meat again after 20 years of being a vegetarian.Which by the way, no one told me that I would pack on 10 pounds when I started eating meat again...goodness, it's not like I chow down big Macs now. So bring on the bird!
I am going to skip any and all decorations for Thanksgiving and just go straight to Christmas. However this does not apply in any way to all the cute and wonderful things Alexa makes in school or at home.
Happy November!

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Jennifer said...

So glad you figured out Alexa's belly aches. Glad you got the nose under control.

Enjoy your turkey!