Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Opening gifts at Poh Poh and Papa's house. She loves her new bike, easel and book.

My friend in Illinois sent this amazing Disney dress, purse and suitcase for Alexa. It is so fancy and she loves it! ( I want a suitcase just like it ; )

At Aunt Karrie and Uncle Reggie's house on X-mas Eve. Grandpa and Grandma got her this unicorn and she loves it.

With her cousins Colin and Olivia. In her jammies getting ready to head home.

Butterscotch waiting patiently on Christmas morning.

True love.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Giving Back & I Hate Santa

At the Fire Station dropping off the Toys 4 Tots gifts that our neighborhood collected.

Alexa was not shy with the guys and was jumping around and talking to them. When we were leaving she turned to them and said "Have a nice day."

Robert is the Chief of our Tonto Hills Volunteer Fire Dept. so we were the ones to drop off the gifts. It was a nice family thing to do and a good lesson for Alexa about giving to others.

Off to see Santa.

How precious is this!

She had fun running around with the other kids waiting for Santa.

The cheesy smile!

Oh how sad...why do I do this to my child?? This is how bad she wants that Butterscotch horse ( which we got). She was scared to see Santa but through her tears she did tell him that she wanted it. Talk about guilt and feeling like you are torturing your child....ugh!

She was happy to be out of there!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

School Christmas Program

This morning was Alexa's program at school. She looked gorgeous in her "ballerina" dress. She was not shy about getting on stage and seemed to think it was no big deal. Afterwards we went out to lunch with my folks and had a nice time. Alexa loves dressing up so this was the perfect opportunity to do it up big ( not that we wouldn't have anyway ; ).

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Train Park

Last night we went to the train park to see the light display. My folks met us there too. It was really fun and really cold! We rode the train around the park and the lights were so festive. Alexa was really excited. Santa was there and other characters like Clifford, Barney and Elmo. Alexa was a little shy with them and couldn't quite figure them out since they don't talk. She also rode the carousel, had hot cocoa and watched the band play. It was a fun holiday night!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cozy Days

Well, we have finally had some winter weather here. It has been cold and rainy but we like it. ; ) Alexa got bundled up to do some "yardwork" outside. She loves to be outside regardless of the temperature. Notice the big python in the second photo. This is Robert's idea of a fun appropriate toy for a 2.5 year old girl. Funny thing is she loves it...
Alexa made this gingerbread house today. She made part of it with my mom who was over and finished the rest after nap. She did a great job! She was too worn out from all the work to get in the photo. She has her school Christmas program on Sunday and can sing all the words to Jingle Bells so we are ready for a rockin' show. She has informed me she would like to bring her own microphone to the show so I guess we need not worry about her being shy and on stage..we'll see. : )

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Holiday Fun!

This past weekend we had fun decorating the house, putting up the Christmas tree and having a little photo shoot all dressed up so we could get a shot for the Christmas card. Alexa was really into the tree this year and even has her own little tree that she decorates and "re"decorates daily. She is also in charge of the Nativity set which is about 40 years old and is missing a wise man, the angel and a few animals. It was a little tough trying to explain the story with several key players not present but I think she got the jist of it. This year is so much fun because she really seems to get the whole thing. She is still not sure if she wants to go visit Santa. She remembers last year and he sort of freaked her out. One day she was being naughty( a whole other post ; ( and I told her that Santa was watching so he'll know if she is being naughty or nice. Oh you should have seen her face. What a weird concept to understand but I figure it didn't screw me up as a child so I'll continue the tradition. ; )
We were in Target the other day and she saw that lifelike pony Butterscotch. Oh dear. Alexa loooves horses and she was quite taken with this thing. It makes real sounds and moves, you can sit on it, feed it a carrot, brush it,etc Well, she has never asked for anything before, ever and on the way home she's going "Please Mom, please can I have Butterscotch?" Pleading with me almost. So I say "Ask Daddy when we get home" Copout I know but the darn thing is $250 and I've bought her presents already.She talks about that darn horse every day now. So now, we are on the hook with Butterscotch....stay tuned...
Happy Shopping to you all!