Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dance Recital 2010

Dress rehearsal day. Alexa's class is a ballet/tap combo. The girls did a tap number to Stray Cats. She loved getting to wear makeup and dressing up.

The recital was two days ( hence my different outfits). We were not allowed to video tape or take photos of the actual recital so that is why I have none. : (

They have a professional videographer and photographer who charge outrageous prices and have us all at their mercy. Lots of parents are not happy about this policy.

After the show on Saturday. I was feeling so crummy but had to suck it up and rally. There was no way I was going to spoil Alexa's big day or miss it.

She did really well. I think she enjoys being onstage but did tell us she had a little stage fright.

With her dancer friends, Amalia and Sydney. They have been dancing together for two years and it makes it more fun when you are with your friends. It's been fun for us moms too! Lots of laughs on all those Saturday mornings while the girls are in class.

The outfit was really cute!

So proud of our girl!


Afterwards we went for frozen yogurt to celebrate!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Karate Kid

Alexa started karate this week and LOVES it. She earned her white belt the first class by reciting her name, address and phone number. She is on her way already to earning her stripes by already practicing and learning how to count to 10 in Japanese. I think she is a real natural and we are really excited that she has found something that she really enjoys. Alexa is pretty high energy ( which we love about her) and karate will give her an outlet to use her energy and also learn how to focus that energy more. She will go twice a week all summer and the plan is to continue once school starts once a week. I love watching her in class. I am proud that she has tried something new and as always, watching our little one blossom is pure joy.
Stay tuned for dance photos...the big recital is this weekend!