Friday, November 28, 2008


Getting ready for the concert tonight.

Amy, we've created a monster....a Smashbox monster! ; )

Working the bows...and the gloss.

We were super excited!

It was actually cold in AZ tonight so I got to wear my boots!

I love this picture.
Tonight was the Celtic Thunder Concert that we have been waiting months to see. They are a group of 4 Irishmen and 1 Scott and my parents discovered them first on PBS. When Alexa and I were on the farm this summer we got hooked too. If you ever get a chance to see them, they are really fantastic. Alexa and I always listen to the CD in the car and she knows all the songs. She was really excited tonight for her first real concert. She took a two hour nap this afternoon since she knew she would be up way past her bedtime. The concert didn't start till 8:00 and she usually goes to bed at 7:00. She was the youngest person at the show by far and as usual people were quite taken with her( which she hates). She really enjoyed the music, knows all 5 guys by name and liked to give a little scream for her favorite numbers. She fell asleep with 3 songs left to go in the show. It was a really fun night with my folks too. Robert couldn't make it because he was home with the stomach flu...oh yes, the bug visited us this Thanksgiving. I spent all of Wednesday sick in bed...well let's clarify that by saying "sick and wanting to be in bed". I felt worse as the day and night went on and by late Wednesday it felt like a bus ran over me. I was so worried about being sick on Thanksgiving ( thank goodness I was not hosting but I was cooking so I needed to be functioning) that I was stressed on top of it. I managed to get up Thursday morning and cook/bake most of what I was supposed to, shower, get Alexa dressed and myself and get over to my parents. Then 2 minutes after we sat down to eat, Robert gets up and announces that he is sick, grabs the car keys and leaves immediately. I managed to eat a little, Alexa had no interest in eating which is rare for her. Finally my mom just looked at me and said " Why don't you guys just go home." So my dad drove us home and that was Thanksgiving. Robert is still recuperating and thank goodness Alexa did not get the worst of it. I am feeling much better and I hope we are all back to normal tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Pics are TOO cute! Hope everyone is feeling better!

Kate said...

Alexa looks so pretty...Lia has that same dress in a different color! The bows and the gloss are a great combo on your pretty girl! Looks and sounds like a terrific night all around...from the getting ready to the final curtain call!!

Glad you are all feeling better!

Jennifer said...

ALexa looks so beautiful. Love the bows. You look beautiful too. I love the picture of the two of you.

Stomach bug is the worse. Hope you are all feeling better soon!