Thursday, October 16, 2008

Look what we made!

This morning we made our Halloween spooky house. It was fun to make although quite messy. Alexa really wasn't into decorating it. I guess because she wasn't feeling great and was anticipating her grandparents coming over. It was a lot for one morning but it was the only time we had to make it. It turned out really cute. Now I have to make her Halloween costume...oh boy, I think I'll tackle that tomorrow when she is at school. On Saturday my folks arrive for the winter. We are so excited to see them!


Jennifer said...

Looks like alot of fun!!!


Laura said...

The house looks great. We did ours today. I don't know if I dare post the pictures. It was a mess but fun to do. Emma was sick all weekend so, I too did most of the decorating.


Galloways said...

Your house looks so cute. You 2 gals are sure creative. I should email you pics of the ones we did. The walls caved in and Preston sneaks all the candy off at night and thinks I haven't noticed! Ha ha!