Friday, October 24, 2008

Alexa as The Little Mermaid

Over the summer I wanted to make Alexa a tutu and bought all the materials but just never got around to it. As Halloween crept closer Alexa kept saying she didn't know what she wanted to dress up as. Then she remembered the tutu and decided she wanted to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I showed her some costumes of Arial at Target and some online and she kept insisting that I make it. So, here is my best effort and my first effort of making a tutu and a Halloween costume. I actually really enjoyed making it and it really was easy and fun to do.


Jennifer said...

AWESOME ARIEL COSTUME!!!! You did a great job! Where did you get the instructions? I would love to make one for Katie.

Alexa looks so beautiful!


Sue said...

Hi Jen,

I didn't have any instructions,just winged it. You can't tell from the photos, but the back is green ( supposed to be her tail) and it has beads and sparkles on it too. I will have some more pics of it after Halloween night.

Jennifer said...

Well you did an awesome job! LOVE IT!


kwilson said...

oooh i want one! i want one! (and i'm 40! hmmmm, maybe that'd take too much tutu!) you had the best idea to ask your Mom to make your costume Alexa - everything turns out so much better when made with LOVE :) you make the most magical mermaid EVER! have fun here on dry land this Halloween...

p.s. boo!
p.p.s. i mean boo hoo hoo! seriously - the pictures are so pretty it brings tears to my eyes! wow. just lovely and amazing, Sue.