Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree

Alexa decorating her little tree...that thing is loaded! She made the star for the top and cut it out then found a clothes pin to attach it to the tree. I love this pink dress on her, it's so girly and festive.

Our tree is in our family room. We don't have a lot of space so we have a slim 9ft. tree. We have a red star on top that you can't see. I still have Alexa's stocking that says "Baby's First Christmas". I really need to get her a new one after they all go on sale after Christmas. Each dog has their own stocking too. Alexa and I are going to go shopping this week so she can pick out a dog toy for each one. I just love the tree all lit up at night.


Kate said...

Very festive all around!!! I also love that pink dress!!! I have a feeling Alexa and Lia would hit it off...Alexa seems to like art and crafty Lia does...always cutting, gluing, coloring, husband brings home tons of scrap paper from work because Lia can go though 25 pieces a day sometimes!!!

I love you tall tree pretty!!

Have a great week!!

Jennifer said...

The tree looks beautiful. Alexa looks so cute in her pink dress and I love her little tree.

We got your Christmas card today. I showed Katie and asked her if she knew who was on the card. I told her.."ALex, your Zona friend". She smiled and said.."Mommy, Can we see her again?". I said..."Yes we will see her again". She said..."Oh Good". We need to start planning another reunion!


Jennifer said...

That is supposed to read..."ALEXA". I hit send to fast.


Felicia said...

Your tree looks beautiful and Alexa looks so cute in her pink dress.