Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Shopping



Today was our last( hopefully) day of Christmas shopping. Alexa and I went out together and our plan was for her to pick something out for Robert ( and pay for it with her piggybank $), get the dogs their stocking stuffers and then go out to lunch. Our first stop was Walgreens ( lucky Robert) where Alexa chose her gift for Robert, after me spending 10 minutes explaining to her that no, she may not buy lip gloss today with her money. Then it was off to Petsmart which was quite the fun time. Alexa got the biggest kick out of the gerbils there, she was actually screaming with delight. ( no, she is not getting a gerbil for Christmas!) Then we went to Target for PaPa's gift and a few odds and ends. It was pouring down rain the entire day but we didn't care. We never get any sort of weather here so we thought it was great to splash in the puddles and get wet. Last was lunch at Island Burgers. Going out to lunch with Alexa is like eating with a girlfriend. She is great company and we have been doing lunch together since she was pretty small. After we sat down in our booth she looks at me and says, " So, we can talk now." She cracks me up. Love her!!!!

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