Friday, November 6, 2009

They're coming out!

Alexa is having surgery next Friday. She is having her tonsils and adenoids removed as well as having her nose cauterized. I found a fabulous ENT who finally sees what we see....a otherwise healthy vibrant 4 year old with huge tonsils that are affecting her life in negative ways. He said that he would be shocked if she did not currently have sleep apnea, considering the size of her tonsils. They are also affecting her speech. She sounds like she has a frog in her throat and quite frankly I'm sure she feels like she does! He was appalled as I was that for over two years, 4 different doctors have told me that this was no big deal. I have stood over her bed almost every night listening to her fitfully sleeping, waking every few minutes to get more oxygen in. I have gone to bed most nights wondering if she will continue to breath through the night. That might sound mellodramatic to some but as a mother, my instincts told me that this was not right and that I should push to pursue a solution.
So now we have finally scheduled the surgery and I am terrified!! I have not really let myself "go there" with my worry but I'm scared. I'm scared of her being under anethesia, being on an antibiotic for the first time in her life and having a reaction, and having post-surgery bleeding ( which is rare but does happpen). A week ago Alexa had a horrendous nosebleed in the night that scared the crap out of me and the chief. We both thought that we were not going to get this one to stop. It was like a faucet just running, down her throat, in her mouth...just horrible. The ENT said that she has huge blood vessels and that is why she keeps getting bloody noses ( for years). She has had her nose cauterized twice and he will only be able to do one nostril during surgery but we are hoping that will eliminate the episodes for the winter at the very least.
on Wedensday we are going for a pre-surgery tour which will makes us and Alexa more comfortable for what will happen on Friday morning. I would welcome any feedback from anyone who has already gone through this. I have done lots of research and am prepared for a pretty rough few weeks of healing.
I am also asking for any prayers next week for our sweet little girl. I have always believed in the power of prayer and our family would deeply appreciate your help in that respect.
I will try and post an update after the surgery after we are home and settled. : )


Missy said...

Alexa, you and the Chief will be in my prayers!!! I know she will do just fine and the relief will be immediate. BIG HUGS!

Kate said...

Oh yikes!!!! So glad she is finally getting help!!! Lia just finished up her first round of antibiotics ever...and she did fine. I'd say we both have pretty healthy girls that they have made it this far with no antibiotics! I will be praying for you all...I am sure Alexa will be in wonderful, caring hands...and what a blessing to not have to worry about the sleep apnea and other issues anymore!!! Please keep us posted!!

Jboo said...

Oh my -- she will definitely be in my prayers and so will you and the Chief!! Maddy had ear wax removed surgically, ear tubes and adenoids out when she was 2-/12 and she did fine, but was sobbing when she woke up and they brought her to me. She did great afterwards and felt better quickly and had far less sinus infections than previously. Take care. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers!

Galloways said...

Alexa will be in my prayers! I have thoughts to long to post on here so will email you. lol

Christie said...

Oh my goodness! I almost had to have my nose cauterized as well, two years ago. It was the PITS - I had nosebleeds that would not stop and they were terrifying - all from a ruptured blood vessel and dry weather!

I'll be praying that Alexa does wonderfully with her surgery - hang in there Mom, this is tough stuff to have to sit on the sidelines for...

You can do it!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Consider it done!! You are in our prayers. It sounds like this is going to be a good thing in the end, just a little scary to get through. I can't say that I would feel any differently if we were going through this with Sarah. Hang in there and please keep us posted on her progress.

Hugs and Prayers,


Hannah said...

We will keep you in our prayers. I have been there several times and honestly I was scared the same on little surgeries as I was on the big surgery. In the end I just turned in over to the Lord and then believed it would be ok.

Casey said...

Hang in there!!! She will do great and it will be such a sense of relief when the process is over and she is able to sleep soundly.

Em had two surgeries this year... one on her eyes and one on her teeth. I was not happy about either, especially being so close together. And I worried and worried and worried. But she did SO well. Was up and running around within a few hours!! Kids are amazing.

We'll be thinking and praying for all of you!! Keep us posted!!

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