Friday, November 13, 2009

The Road to Recovery

We are doing well! Alexa was an absolute champ today and is home doing very well.
Our morning started at 6:15 check-in at the surgery center. Alexa was very relaxed and in good spirits. I really think the tour on Wednesday helped her so she knew what to expect. After some paperwork and waiting we were called back to get ready. Alexa was given a "relaxer" medicine which made her all loopy so she wouldn't have a tough time leaving us and getting started. This was a difficult time for me because I did not like seeing her all spacey and out of it. I was starting to get anxious so I was sort of glad when they told us it was time to go. I wanted to get the show on the road! All the anxiety leading up to it was killing me! We gave her kisses and told her we loved her than went back to the waiting room ( well, I went outside for a moment to "gather" myself) and then it was only like a 30 minute wait until her surgeon came out to tell us she was finished and in recovery. He also said her tonsil were "HUGE".
We were allowed to go back into recovery after a few moments ( this photo above is from there). This was heart wrenching for a bit as she was just waking up and crying. She was telling me "her throat hurt" and I kept saying "I know honey, just rest your throat and don't talk." She finally fell back asleep and stayed comfortable the rest of the hour. Here is the amazing part for me. After she fell asleep, I realized, "Oh my goodness, she is snoring or difficulty breathing!" I almost started crying! It was amazing to me after so many years to see her finally resting peacefully. When she napped at home later, I kept going in to check on her because I could not hear her breathing! Very odd for me.
We are so thankful for all the wonderful nurses and doctors today and the excellent care she received and the compassion for her and us too. We are also thankful for all your well wishes and prayers. It really means a lot.
Alexa is feeling much better than we expected. She was eating Jello and scrambled eggs only a few hours after we were home. She is keeping busy watching movies and sleeping. She is on pain meds and an antibiotic. She is talking and moving around. Here is another really strange thing. Her voice is totally different!! Kinda freaking me out. We're not sure yet if it is from her throat being sore of this is what is really should sound like without the "frog" in her throat. Time will tell.
So, we are so glad that we pusued this and got it done. For all the worry leading up to it and the anxiety, it is nothing compared to the peace of mind that she will feel better now without them.
She is our little trooper..she never ceases to amaze us what she can handle!! We love her so!


Courtney said...

I am so glad to hear she is feeling well. Hopefully she has a speedy recovery!

Jill said...

Glad to hear everything is going so well!
Hope she continues to do so well!!


Christie said...

I'm so glad she did well! It is never easy to see our little babies helpless or hurting, but what a relief to know that so much will be better for her now.

Sleep well, little quiet sleeper...tee hee

Kate said...

Great news all around!!! So glad it is done...and in a few days it will just be a little memory! So happy for you all!!

Missy said...

Soooo happy to hear that everything went so well and little Miss Alexa is doing great! I hope she is able to have some relief. Spoil that baby rotten (like I even need to say that, right?) :)

Ava Baby said...

So glad to hear that your little angel is recovering so well. Wishing her a quick recovery.
Michele & Ava

Jboo said...

So happy to hear that all went so well for Alexa and you too! Take it easy!


Joe and Jane said...

Glad the surgery is over and that she's doing so well!

Casey said...

Oh sweet girl!! So glad it all went alright. And it is great to hear that her breathing is so much better.

That picture reminds me of Em's surgery. That is the worst time... when they just wake up and are scared and in some pain. Ugh. Just breaks your heart.

So happy it went well!! Hope she is running around in no time!

Felicia said...

What a trooper. Hope you feel better soon sweet Alexa!

Anonymous said...

My little girl got her tonsils out in July, they were huge as well. She used to snore like crazy but no more!
Glad to her it went well.

Lisa V

Anonymous said...

By the way, my daughter's voice sounded different for a week or two, but then went back to normal.
Hope she's feeling better! :)

Lisa V