Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Wrap-Up

The festivities started on Thursday with some pumpkin carving. My mom and dad came over to help out and join in the fun. After we did our pumpkins we roasted marshmallows in our outdoor fireplace ( it was the perfect rare cold night in AZ). Alexa loves using the stick she whittled to roast her own marshmallows.

The next morning it was off to school for the Harvest party and parade. Alexa kindly asked if I would dress up as Sleeping Beauty's queen mother so I had to oblige. For two days before she would read her princess books and inform me of my "royal duties" to be polite ( as if I wouldn't!) and mind my manners. She was so cute when I was helping her get her "jewels" on. I let her wear a pair of my drop earrings and pearls and she was loving that!

The Queen and her princess. Yee gads, I could not wait to get that thing off once the day was over. I volunteered at her school for the party and was in charge of leading 3 groups of trick or treaters through the complex where the school is located....yikes, in heels!! A Queen just does not wear gym shoes under her gown...imagine!

She really loved this dress.

The following morning at Ballet class they were allowed to dress in costume. She is wearing a different princess dress because her other one was just filthy from dragging on the ground. Here she is with her friend Sydney

This is not the best photo because it was taken through glass but I like it anyway. She was doing her solo with the scarves. She loves that part. : )

Halloween night at our annual Fire Dept. neighborhood party. Here she is with the Chief. I love how she has her arm around precious. We did a trunk or treat and she got lots of candy which she was so sweet to share with everyone in her family.
It was a fun filled weekend of activities and fun memories!!


Hannah said...

I love that you dressed up too...and Totally look the part of a Queen!!! It sounds like a fun weekend!

Jboo said...

What fun and you look fabulous as the Queen! She's a sweetie, isn't she!


Felicia said...

Alexa is so cute! What a great memory to share and look back on!