Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New School

Alexa will be starting her new school tomorrow. Prior to Christmas break she had been attending a private Catholic preschool near our home. She also went to this school last year. It has been a horrible school year and we made the decision in late November to pull her at the end of the year. She was in the 3's class and went MWF from 9-1. From the beginning I was nervous about the teacher. She was the Spanish teacher last year and I remember observing her teach and thinking "Oh my, I have never seen a more unenthusiastic teacher in my life." When I was told that she would be teaching Alexa's class this year I really felt like she was hired as a last resort. So after months of being positive and trying to stick it out we had finally had enough and pulled her. Alexa will now be going to a Montessori private preschool which will be totally new to her but we think she will really excel. Considering nothing was being taught at her old school, I am excited to see how much she learns. I have been working with her at home and she is so bright; she deserves every possible resource to move forward. Her days will also be longer. She will still go MWF but from 8-3. I am nervous about tomorrow but trying very hard not to show it. I hate to see her safety net disrupted and for her to leave her friends. We made good friends at the old school, most of which we will keep in contact with. It is hard enough for me to leave her and now it will be even harder. I know it will get better and we will hopefully grow to love it there. Wish us luck tomorrow!!


Kate said...


I really know as a teacher and as a mom how hard this change can be. Lia spent one year at a Montessori school and then, because of scheduling we spent a summer contemplating a move. Fortuantely we were able to re-arrange our work schedules to accomodate staying put. Lia is in her third year at a Montessori school that we love. Sometimes I feel like I work so that she can go to school! She goes from 8:30-2-45 everyday...but she loves it! She is very independent and surprised us by pointing out the US and China on her smart globe on Christmas day...they have been studying continensts and countries. I will be thinking of you both and hope that Aleza makes a smooth transition. Kids are much more resiliant then we think!!!

Keep us posted!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Sue,

First of all Happy New Year!! I am just catching up after being away the past few days....I love your favorite photo below of is a great shot of her...looks like you are loving that new camera!!

I can only imagine how you feel about having to change son Nick also attends a catholic school and two years ago, we were faced with the possibility of having to move him to another was a something we went back and forth on for about 6 months and then fortunately the issue worked itself out.

Sometimes I think these situations are harder on us as parents then they are on our kids....I am sure she will make lots of new friends and everything will be just fine....I will be holding a good thought for you both tomorrow....good luck:)


Jboo said...

Hi Sue -- it is hard to change schools and routines for little ones, but sometimes I think it's harder on the Mom than the child! It sounds like you are making a wise and wonderful choice for Alexa and I'm sure she will thrive in her new school. Hope today went well and every day gets a little better and easier for all. Take care.

Galloways said...

Good luck with the new school. Remember I pulled Preston from that school Lambs of God and put him with you? That was the best decision I made. Always trust your own instincts and Alexa will be just fine!

Jennifer said...


Alexa looks so grown up in that photo!

Good Luck with the new school. She will do GREAT!


Kimi said...

Alexa is over the top adorable!

I hope all goes well with her new school.