Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy

Tomorrow is the first day of Chinese New Year so we spent today preparing. We bought a new plant and set it out. It symbolizes rebirth and growth. We stacked our oranges in a pyramid and set them out to symbolize abundant happiness. We also put out candies. We only had Valentine M&M's but they will have to do.

Next we decorated our front door with our Spring Couplets.

Then we hung up our special lanterns, dragon and good luck banner.

Last, we cleaned the house. Oops...wrong door. Yikes. Sweeping the dirt out the front door is considered bad luck and it could mean that you will sweep away a family member or all the goodness in your home! OMG! As soon as I realized my mistake, Alexa and I got the broom back out and did it correctly. We swept the dirt into the center of the room then carried it out the back door. Just in case we stated out loud, " Chinese ancestors please forgive our mistake for we did not know." It cracked me up when Alexa said it but I wasn't taking any chances! ; ) You are also not supposed to clean during Chinese New Year, until the celebrations are over so you don't scrub the good luck away. Works for me. : ) Tomorrow Alexa will wear red to school to celebrate the holiday and I'm sure the Chief has some firecrackers hidden away somewhere to shoot off in the evening. I also plan on taking her to have her hair cut this week which is another tradition. My parents also give her money in red envelops to celebrate.
Enjoy your Chinese New Year celebrations!!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

The house looks are all ready for the big day!!

I am sure you are forgiven for pushing the dirt out the front door....LOL!!

Enjoy your celebration:)


Jennifer said...

You decorated beautifully for the New Year. Since we have been talking about going to China town with our local group on Feb 8th, the actual New Year came on me so fast that I am not prepared.

Have a great time celebrating.


Felicia said...

Happy Chinese New Year. Your house looks so festive. Enjoy your celebration and blessings and good fortune to your family!

Galloways said...

I think it is so great that you guys have taken on traditions from Alexas birthplace. You are such great parents---What a lucky little girl. Enjoy your celebrations.

Ivy said...

I just popped over from Jen's blog to say
Happy New Year!

I love your blog and Alexa is just a little dollie.

Our K. is from Hunan, both spicy girls!

Stop by sometime, Have a wonderful time celebrating!


Laura said...


The decorations look great. Thanks for posting about the Steelers. I'm just hoping for a good game.