Saturday, January 31, 2009


I LOVE my babygirl!
Today we went to Old Town Scottsdale to meet the Chief's family to have some professional photographs taken for his parent's 50th wedding anniversary. Here are a few shots of Alexa that I took. It is a great place to shoot with lots of sculptures, green grass ( not a lot of that up by us), flowers and trees. I definitely want to bring Alexa back for some more opportunities to shoot. She was not really in the mood to be photographed ( imagine that?) since I had been taking pictures of her for 30 minutes before the professional showed up. She did say to me afterwards that Alexa has great potential( not sure what she meant by that) and was super photogenic and that she enjoyed taking photos of her. I can't wait to see what her shots look like. : )
Totally off topic: Does anyone have a Jill.e camera bag? I was looking at their medium black leather but not sure it would fit my 75-300 lens. Any suggestions for great bags would be great as I am having the hardest time finding one that doesn't look like a "guys" bag. Suggestions?


Jboo said...

Such cute photos! I am so so jealous of your beautiful weather. Can't wait to see how the photos went!

Have a great week!

Doug and Terrye said...

Sweet girl! BTW, it's hard work being that beautiful...or so I hear :)

Terrye in FL

Laura said...

The pictures look great. She's such a cutie.


Felicia said...

LOVE these pics (no pun intended ) :)

Kristi said...

That second photo is darling! (They all are but that one is especially cute.)

I'm originally from Arizona and know exactly where those photos were taken. I also know an amazing photographer in the area if you ever need one.