Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Favorite

This is my first favorite photo of 2009. I think I will start a new folder just with my favorites and then by the end of the year they will all be together and organized instead of all over the place. Anyone have any good tips on storing all the photos we take? I have the first 2 years on disks now. I need to do that for 2008 and clean up my computer. I can tell with this new camera that I will be taking double if not triple the amount of photos I normally do.


Jboo said...

Great photo and great idea to put favorites in one folder! I have mine all over the place too!

Have a great weekend.


Felicia said...

I like that idea. I love your first favorite too!

LaLa said...

I love this one! I have a Hubei Honey too : )

Jennifer said...

I love this idea! I need a favorite photo file too. I am always going back and looking for my favorite pictures.

We store ours on an external hard drive. We used to put them on disc.

We take so many more photos with our new camera.