Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Hoedown

 Alexa's school had a Hoedown Fundraiser.  The cotton candy was a BIG treat.  She went straight for it.  I cringed every time I looked at her eating it.  I'm not big on giving Alexa junk like that but once in awhile I give in.  We made her throw it out after she ate half of it, she started getting whacky and way too sticky!!
 She had fun playing the carnival games.

She is quite good on the monkey bars.  : )


Georgea's Mommy said...

How fun! She looks like a little athlete on those hanging bars! Such a serious expression on her face, like she was really "going for it!", adorable!!


Debbie said...

Don't you look cute?? You do "casual" very well's to a girly shoping trip when I come to Arizonia? Just love that bag! I know, I'm the same about Candy Floss, all that sugar!....Mark says I'm obsessive about cleaning my teeth...poor Gracie has got used to me heading towards her with the toothbrush, I can see her just sighing! Alexa had lots of fun, that girl knows how to play!