Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Kindhearted Girl

Ever since our dear Georgie died last year, Alexa and I have had many conversations about heaven, death and the afterlife.  Alexa is pretty philosophical and asks me things like "Do people take on their human form in heaven?" "Is there gravity in heaven?" "Do people stay together as families in heaven?" etc...  So when a friend of hers in school lost his grandma it was no surprise to me that she told me that they had many conversations about the death of this boy's grandmother.  She relayed some to me and it sounded like she was counseling him.  She wrote him this card and put it in his cubby at school.  His mother actually contacted me and thanked me as it meant something to her as well and was meaningful to her son.  I love the heart of my daughter.  I hope as she gets older, she never loses that sensitivity towards others.  I teach her to help others when they need it, be kind and think about how other's are feeling but her sense of compassion is not something that is taught by me.  She is intrinsically kind and I love that about her.  I hope she grows up to help one day remind the world that our pain is all the same and we need to love one another.  She amazes me. : )


Jboo said...

What an amazing and sweet girl! That touched my heart too.


Georgea's Mommy said...

Love that Sue. So very sweet.


Debbie said...

Off all your posts that you have ever done, (and I have read everyone!) this is the one I love the most. There are no photos, it wasn't written to mark a special event.....but it is absolutely beautiful. If that is what Alexa is like when she is only 6, imagine what kind of young lady she is going to become. I agree Sue, there are certain things that are just "there" in us all, but I know you and Robert are all guiding Alexa in the right way too. i know you are very, very proud. (I'm teary just writing this) D

Debbie said...

Sue, sorry for my spelling mistakes/grammar in these comments....Gracie is bouncing up and down on my knee at the minute...she is feeling so much better. :-)
Felt I should apologise, with you being a teacher! LOL

Casey said...

That is just so sweet!