Sunday, August 8, 2010

~The Farm Part 3~

My parents are the BEST grandparents. Alexa has a great relationship with both of them. We are lucky to have them!!!!!!!!!!

Alexa and Chippy, aka Brittany. Whenever we travel, Alexa can choose one small stuffed animal to bring along in her backpack. Chippy provided lots of entertainment. The whole trip Alexa had 2 books, Chippy, and her wordsearch book. She was so content to be outside in nature with no toys or other stimulus. She has an amazing imagination so she can come up with lots to play and do with just about anything. I personally like the feeling of being stripped of all your "stuff" and just being with yourself.

Love the barn.

Alexa had a blast getting squirted with the hose. It was really hot out so she was having a good time running around the house then getting shot with hose. She also loves hanging out in her underwear. : )

Great memories this year on the farm!!!!


Jboo said...

So cute and so wonderful that she has such a great time with her grandparents! The Grands are pretty special, aren't they!


Casey said...

Looks like such a nice time!!

Georgea's Mommy said...

Oh Sue, these are the best. I love the photos of Alexa with your Mom and Dad. What a blessing that she has this time with them. My absolute favorites are the ones with the hose. That just looks like so much fun I want to climb right into those pictures and join her. Great photography too!! XO