Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bundle of Joy

With all the excitement of back to school, I forgot to introduce our newest bundle of joy! Her name is Tika ( some of you may recognize that name from a certain Barbie movie) and she is a miniature Brussels Griffon. We got her on July 31 from a breeder here in AZ. She is beyond scrumptious. Right now she weighs about 4 lbs and will get to be about 9 lbs. She is silly and loves to cuddle. Our other two dogs have accepted her into the pack although they tire sometimes of her endless shenanigans. She is tons of fun ( and lots of work) and is a great addition to the brood!!


Missy said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I love her! I bet she and Alexa will be great friends! How did Alexa's first day go?

Hannah said...

What a cutie!! I bet she brings a lot of joy to your family :)

Kim Wilson said...

awwwwww Sue!!!!!!!! can you hardly stand the cuteness? funny how something so little can make so many hearts happy. i think my walls are finally coming down and i'm wishing my folks would go and get Abby already! (yesterday i tried to make nice with a squirrel on our driveway with lots of cooing and silly talk...i'd like to know what i would have done had he actually hopped into my arms!) i think i'm finally ready for some fuzzy love :) glad for you guys! xo

JinXiu said...

Oh my goodness he is sooooooooooooo cute

what a wonderful addition to your family

love the back to school photos
Good luck on Kindergarden
love the dress

i just returned from 2 weeks in california. lots of pictures to edit, sleep to catch up on and laundry to do.

just checking some of my favorite blogs

Georgea's Mommy said...

SERIOUSLY I have got to get my hands on this dog!!!!!!!!

Christie said...

SOOOO FREAKING CUTE! How do you not eat her up?!?!

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Casey said...

How adorable!! cr