Tuesday, August 3, 2010

~The Farm Part 3 ~

They're here! Alexa was sooooo excited to see her cousins Jacob and Alex. My brother and sister-in-law were in town for the week and spent 2 days at the farm.

Even though Jacob and Alex are 13 and 11, they played with Alexa and never tired ( well at least showed it) of her games and attention.

Hide and seek was her favorite.

We even put up a tent which was quite hilarious to watch. I took photos and stayed out of it!

Picking flowers with Alex. He is so sweet and she loved hanging out with him.

Alexa with my brother's family. I love the look on her face. : )

Family photo, just missing The Chief. We missed him those 10 days and made him promise he would come for part of the trip next summer.

Later that week it was off to visit my Grandma, cousins and this new cutie. Kaylee is my cousin's new daughter. Isn't she yummy? So cute.

My grandma, Aunt Deb, Alexa and Kaylee on the stoop. It was really good to see family this trip. It really meant a lot to Alexa to spend time with her cousins. They made good memories. : )


Jboo said...

Cousin fun is the best! Looks like Miss Alexa had so much fun!


Georgea's Mommy said...

The cousins! So great for her to hang out with them. Oh, and I will BUY those darling blue with Pink floral pattern flowy pants from you when Alexa grows out of the. Ha! Ooooh, LOVE those pants!!