Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~~Visit with friends from our travel group~~

Today we had a special visit from one of our travel families; Sean, Patty, Zach and Jordan. We traveled together in 2006 to get our girls and share a forever bond. The last time we saw them was about 18 months ago at the reunion we held at our home here in AZ. Alexa made everyone a place card for lunch and was really anticipating this latest reunion. It is such a special gift when the girls are able to see each other.

This was the cutest because as I was taking the picture Alexa put her arm up and proclaimed "together forever!"

To see them together makes me so happy.

The Chief took video of them and here they are watching themselves.

Jordan is super cute. According to her mom, she is also strong willed and sassy...hmmm sound familiar?

Double trouble!

All three kids in the playroom. Zach is Jordan's older brother and is really sweet

They really remind me of sisters in this picture. They call each other " their China girls."

When it was time to leave and everyone was saying goodbye, the girls embraced each other and Jordan said " I love you" and in the most tender voice I have ever heard from Alexa she responded " I love you too." I just about lost it. Just the sweetest moment ever!
The second sweetest was right after they left, Alexa knelt down next to the front door in front of the glass, folded her hands and said the most heartfelt prayer I have ever heard her say. She said "Dear God, please bring Jordan back to me to visit. Please let Jordan and Zach visit my house again." She prayed like this for about 2 minutes. Robert and I were speechless. Thankfully the video camera was still out and he grabbed it and managed to tape the last few minutes. Oh, this child of mine...she never ceases to amaze me and touch my heart!


Jennifer said...

I am crying reading this sweet post. How wonderful that you were able to see Patty, Sean, Zach, and Jordan today. It sounds like Alexa and Jordan had a blast. Wow it's been 18 months since we have seen each other? Katie still talks about her "Zona" friends and wants to know when she will see them again.

Very sweet! Sounds like a wonderful day.

Jboo said...

That is so sweet! Brought tears to my eyes. The bond that grows in travel groups is so amazing, isn't it!


Georgea's Mommy said...

I love these photos. So sweet...I hope we will meet such friends on our journey to China. What a blessing. The comments back & forth between the girls & Alexa's prayer...oh boy...I'm crying.

Felicia said...

Oh my goodness, that is such sweetness and tenderness. They're just so sweet together (and cute)

Galloways said...

How dang cute is that? I love little prayers........Its cute to see what they come up with. Looks like the girls had such a great time.