Thursday, April 9, 2009


"Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom", and on and on it goes all day long. Some days I get tired of answering endless requests, questions, cries, whines, pleas, etc. Sometimes I just want to finish a thought, an email, a meal, a show, a page, etc without an interruption, and then I give up. I admit rather guiltily that my patience sometimes wanes. It is these times that I remind myself how many years I longed and worked for the days when I would hear "mom..." in my life and in my house. This always brings me back to the absolute joy having a daughter brings me. Sometimes I think that us adoptive moms have a bit more patience ( some may disagree and that's okay) when it comes to parenting our kids. It never takes me long to forget about what I want and remember what I've worked so hard do become. I love being a mom, it's what I am most proud of and what brings me the most joy. So when I hear "mom" for the hundredth time of the day I'll just smile and think "yep, that's what I am...your "mom".


Galloways said...

So true. It's easy to get frustrated as moms but always great to stop and think about what our lives would be without children. They are such a blessing and we are so blessed to be moms!

Anonymous said...

luuuuuuuuv it! it's so funny Sue, whenever i get a chance to read the blog this is exactly how i picture you two :) my Mom for some reason was talking the other day about how it was that she came to adopt my brother and then me. i know she would share your sentiment about being able to become a Mom! and i can only say i could never imagine someone else who loves me more (uh, i mean except you, Dad :)


p.s. speaking of which....i don't know how your Dad has done this crazy tax season thing all these years...i'm exhausted!!!!!!!!!!

Georgea's Mommy said...

Love this photo! Two gorgeous girls. I can't wait to hear "Mom" at my house! Will you remind me of this, down the road when I'm having a "moment?!"

Jennifer said...

So true! You took the words right out of my mouth.

And, what a wonderful Mom you are!