Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rock On Little Learner!!!

This afternoon I sat down with Alexa to do a couple of workbook pages. Well....58 pages later she was done. The girl did the whole book!! I guess I need to hit the teachers store again. ; ) As a former teacher I taught over 10 years of Jr. Kindergarten. I try to find a balance of not pushing Alexa, but still making sure she is stimulated and always challenged. We try and make it fun by playing learning games, putting sight words around the house and doing simple addition in our every day activities, cooking, gardening etc... We originally had her at a traditional school the first four months of the year and her teacher actually had the &^%* to tell us that Alexa did not know how to hold a pencil or write her name ( she mastered both in her late 2's). Can you imagine?! Needless to say, this teacher did not know our daughter or care enough to find out so we pulled her immediately and now she is at a school that we love and she is enjoying. Maybe I should send this workbook to her old teacher with a "nice" note. ; )


LindaJ said...

The t shirt totally rocks. I'm a huge AC/DC fan (will be seeing them for the 3rd time in Aug) I would of liked to have that when mine were little since a actual AC/DC t shirt may have been a little too Rocker. And a huge fan of those workbooks. All three of my kids have done those. They really helped Ellie when she came home to us at 8 years old.

Missy said...

Go Alexa!!! I teach first grade and am wondering if you would be interested in moving to TN. and enrolling her at my school? :)
Some teachers don't know there "you know what" from a hole in the ground. Rock On Alexa!!!

Felicia said...

Rock on the t-shirt. Sounds like you're a very fast learner. Way to go!!

Jboo said...

Good job Alexa!! Maddy loves zipping through workbooks too. So much fun!

Hope you have a great week!


Laura said...

Love, love, love the AC/DC shirt. What a little learner. She is doing fabulous.


Georgea's Mommy said...

What a smartie pants!! AND I love the darling!! Missing you guys right now.

Natalie said...

WOW. She sounds like an amazing little girl. SO smart.
I was recently told that my daughter didn't know some of her shapes, and ABC's as well as some #'s. She knows all of it! I was so disappointed. I was told she might have a processing issue even though I'm not really sure what that is. I think I'm going to get better at working on her workbooks.
You have inspired me!
I love the first picture of Alexa. She is so adorable and I also really love the bows.

Jennifer said...

Cute T-shirt! What a smart gal! The whole book~you go Alexa!!!!