Saturday, August 16, 2008

Qichun Scrapbook

A few months ago our Qichun Hubei Yahoo group organized a scrapbook to be hand delivered to the Qichun Social Welfare Institute. The book was a compilation of families that wanted to send updates of our girls to the orphanage and more importantly to our foster families. My desire in participating was for Alexa's foster family to see that she is loved immensely and happy. Here is a photo of the director looking at Alexa's page. The family who hand delivered the book said that they were very interested in it and looked at it several times during that visit. We know in our hearts that Alexa was very loved for the 11 months that she was in their care and we hope in some way that this will be a thank you of sorts for that love.

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Jennifer said...

Great picture of the Director looking at Alexa's page. We are so lucky to have these photos!