Monday, August 18, 2008

Art Gallery

Alexa and I spent the afternoon painting yesterday. She hates to color but likes to paint. From the top, it starts with one of mine, then one of hers, then alternates all the way down. We hung them up so Daddy could visit our gallery in her playroom. As you can see in the photo, she likes to hang her masterpieces all over the place. One time I found one hung up in Georgie's crate. I guess she figured she needed a little art too. We can't wait for PohPoh( the artist in the family) to come for the winter so they can paint together.

Alexa starts school in 2 weeks and seems excited to go back. We are a little unsure of her teacher and class this year because she will have 20 students in her class, but we will start with a positive attitude. Alexa is pretty high energy and has a short attention span sometimes. She is super smart and tends to get bored easily. Her language skills are quite advanced. Today she asked me what a doldrum was. Thank goodness we were on our way to the library because I didn't know. We went straight to the dictionary and looked it up ( it means a calm and light wind in the ocean). The other day she wanted to know how many was a single, a couple and a few. When we read books if she hears a word she is unfamiliar with she will ask me for the meaning. In her everyday conversations she uses words like, scrumptious, ridiculous, humongous, hilarious, incredible, it goes on and on. We laugh because she never baby talked, it was like once the talking started at age two it was all big words and full sentences.

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