Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Zoo Day

 Off to the zoo for the day.  Alexa was on Spring Break two weeks ago and we filled it with lots of fun activities.
 My favorite photo of the day.  This lovely fellow came over and sat on the other side of the window and kept stealing a peek at Alexa when she wasn't looking.  Just a there is not soda in that cup. ; )  My girl has never even tried a soda and I'd like to keep it that way.  She gets a half water- half lemonade...I know, I'm no fun.
 Off on her ( and my ) first paddle boat ride.  The Chief took us around the lake and she thought it was pretty cool.
 The Chief and Alexa at the Petting Zoo area.  Phoenix zoo is actually a pretty good zoo for kids.  It's been voted in the top 5 zoo for kids.  I'm not a big zoo lover but I know Alexa really loves animals and enjoys it so we take her.  It pains me to see the animals pacing or just plain bored in their enclosures. 
 She loved the Reptile House and seeing some familiar faces that we encounter here at home.  I'd much rather see them in a zoo than at my house!!
Alexa's favorite was the Komodo Dragon.  There were two of them, each in a separate area. Alexa thought it fascinating that they would kill each other if together and that they eat the "occasional human" as the sign stated.  She loves facts about animals and thought was the coolest one of the day.


Debbie said...

That looks a fun day. Am loving Alexa's cute outfit and trendy shades...fashionista that she is!
And I'm so glad you had glass between you and that snake, Sue!! Gracie can make lots of animal noises now, so funny when she makes the "hiss" noise for snakes. But even cuter when she does the "miaow" for kittens :-) Alexa is growing up so fast.....thanks for the up-to-date photos. Dx

Debbie said...

Ps...Recommend that zoo for us to visit??!!!

Jboo said...

Looks like fun and look how tall Alexa is getting! She's so adorable! Our zoo opens the 15th and someone (not me) at our house is very very excited! Have a great day.


Hannah said...

She is so stinking cute! Don't you just love SB?? I do :)

It looks like a really fun day!

Georgea's Mommy said...

Oh my gosh Sue....her hair has grown since we've seen you guys!! How can our lives be sooo busy? Love all of the photos, but the first one with the darling hoodie jacket & skirt is my fave. Love & miss you all. Let's get our punkins together SOON!! XO