Monday, April 18, 2011

A Special Weekend Guest

 Alexa brought home a special friend from school on Friday.  Corduroy was going to spend the weekend with us and she was to journal their activities together.  The first night he got to sleep in a fancy American Girl bed.
 The second day Corduroy spent the day at the Grandparent's house.  Boy, was he tired from all that playing!
On the Sunday we had a special treat for him and we went to the Desert Botanical Gardens.  Here they are in the Butterfly Exhibit.  It was fun to have the little guy over for the weekend. : )


Debbie said...

I'm quite certain Curdoroy would have loved the time spent with you all this weekend and was spoiled rotten! dx

Jboo said...

Love that Corduroy!! What a perfect houseguest -- much better than the year my son brought home the school guinea pig for a week! Ugh!

Looks so pretty there and your girl has really grown even more beautiful -- if that is even possible!

Galloways said...

How cute. I remember when my mom used to send "cuddles" home for the week with her pre-school kids. Love it!

Hannah said...

What a fun visitor :) Dmitry used to have a class "pet" that would spend the weekends with the students. It amazes me how important that was to the kids. Dmitry still talks about it.

Georgea's Mommy said...

ADORABLE Sue!!! Love the last pic especially. Darling!