Saturday, February 5, 2011

I heart February~ and a little update

 I think February is my favorite month of the year. We traveled in February of 2006 to China to adopt Alexa, her birthday is the day before our Gotcha Day ( baby is 6!), I love Valentine's Day, all things lovey dovey, girly and pink.
 Alexa started a new school last month and we are loving it!  It was a difficult decision to initially make.  All year long my gut has been telling me something was just not right about her old school.  I wasn't confident leaving her there like I used to and just could not put my finger on it.  Well,we left just in time.  The school sadly is falling apart ( thanks to the owner) and her Kindergarten teacher actually just left midyear.  They were having lots of financial troubles and it just was trickling down to the kids not getting a proper education.  So we made a big leap from Montessori to public and she is doing fantastic.  Every day she says her day was "incredible!"  She has learned more in the few weeks she has been there than in the 6 months she spent at the old school.  Here she is on her second day at the new school.  We all could not be happier!!
 My smiley girl.  Alexa is a ball of energy 24/7.  Talks nonstop, is constantly busy and laughs all day.  She is infectious! We laugh all day too.  She is turning 6 tomorrow.  I'm sure 6 will be even more fun than 5 was.
 "Before" photo of 8 month Tika below...please someone help this dog...what a mess!!!  I brush her every single day and 5 minutes later, this is what she looks like.
 "After" photo of Tika....yea!!!  Isn't she so cute?!  It's like having a brand new puppy.  She is so soft and my little teddy bear.

 My bloggy friend Deb sent Alexa a cute little package all the way from Scotland.  She really enjoyed sewing this puppet.  Thanks Deb.  I have to say, I love how blogs have opened up literally a world of friendships.  Deb had been following my blog and then we started emailing.  I feel like I have known her for years and we have never met ( hopefully we will someday).  I feel like people come into our lives for a reason and we just never know where they are going to come from. : )
Hope you all are enjoying your February so far.  We have Alexa's family birthdayparty tomorrow, a father/daughter dance at her school next weekend, her friend party/luau here at the house and FCC Chinese New Year still on our calendar.  I will try and take lots of photos this month...gotta get back on my camera!!


Debbie said...

What a great weekend you are having! I thinks its brill you have 2 days back to back to celebrate your darling Alexa! It deserves two days! Have a fabulous time.

Oh, and love seeing Tika...makes me laugh to see "before and after" darn cute, just want to reach into the screen and have a cuddle...Gracie would love to "squish" that nose! dx

Casey said...

Happy Birthday!! Looks like a great time!