Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby...well you're not a baby anymore, but still. : )

 It's our family tradition that if it's your birthday you get a homemade cake.  No fancy store bought extravaganza for us.  It may not be the best looking but it is made of pure love and tastes yummy!!

 Opening up some gifts.  Alexa was very patient all day and opened up two before the party started.  I found these great paper dolls at B&N.

 Alexa REALLY wanted a watch for her birthday.  As you can see from her expression she was really excited to get it.  She has been telling us what time it is ever since...

 How cute is this?  I love that Alexa gets excited about the simplest things.  It is such a joy to watch her and know that all she is really interested in is being together and having a good time.

 Making a wish!
 It wouldn't be a party without PohPoh and Papa!
 The Chief getting some cherries on top of that cake.  Alexa decided she had to have cherries on top.
Happy 6th Birthday Alexa!  We are so proud of you. You make each day full of wonder, laughter and love.  You are the best daughter in the world!!!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Happy 6th Birthday to Alexa!! She is SO CUTE!!

I agree..... there is nothing more special than a homemade birthday cake. Looks like you had a fantastic celebration.



Debbie said...

Hi, I'm on! Yay! Computer is still being "tetchy" with me though. Need someone to have a look at it all...way behind our comprehension to fix! Love the b-day pics...Alexa's day looks so relaxing and chilled..It wont be like that when she has her "little friends party", Im sure!
And that cake looks devine, Sue..

Debbie said...

Went back to look at your photos closer Sue and thought I must say how lovely and thick her hair has gotten...and then I noticed her hairband! That has just made my day........Dx

Gail said...

Happy Birthday to Alexa!!!

The cake looks like it was yummy.
6 is a great age in my opinion...hope it's a fun year for her.

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday!!! She is such a beautiful girl :)

We do all homemade cakes for birthdays too. All my friends think I'm crazy but I love it.

Georgea's Mommy said...

Happy birthday sweet Alexa. Those dimples still captivate. And...she'll ALWAYS be your baby.