Saturday, December 19, 2009


Are you ever overwhelmed by the love you have for your child? I'm certainly not surprised how much I love her but how pure and full and true it is. It is different than any other relationship. It just makes me a better person too in so many ways. Being a mother was always in my heart from a very early age. When people would ask me what I wanted to be I would say "a mom". My nickname in high school was "mom". I guess I was a natural at taking care of my friends so they felt it fitting. I also know that is one of the reasons why I became a teacher. I just really loved all my students like they were my own. But motherhood is for me is like the calm in the storm. It is what makes me feel whole and worthy and capable. It is one thing for sure that I know I'm good at. I cannot imagine going through this life without this experience.


Hannah said...

Beautiful. I always think I came to life when I became a mom. I lived a happy life before I was a mom but the joy I have now is truly living.

Love the pictures of the two of you. You both look Beautiful!

Jboo said...

What a sweet post! Being a mom is truly the best! Love the way you two are glowing in the sunlight in the photos!


Jill said...

What beautiful and loving shots of the 2 of you!
We are blessed mama's aren't we! The love for children is like no other!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a great post!! I couldn't imagine what life would be like if I were not a Mom.

Great photos of you and Alexa....beautiful!