Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Hair

Okay, let's talk about the hair. I need some ideas. This is what Alexa's hair looks like in the morning uncombed. It is knotty and unruly. Her hair has always had quite a bit of wave to it but now it is like the under layer has wave and the layer of hair on top is straight. Everyday I put it in a pony tail or braids which we both like and she doesn't mind me doing it. Alexa is four and a half years old and has had one hair cut. I am not kidding, her hair grows soooo slow.
On Thursday a friend of mine who is a hair stylist is going to cut it. My problem is I don't know what to do!! She likes it long and crazy and in her face. I love it all pulled back off her face. I do not want to do bangs because we will never keep up with them. Any ideas??? Also, if anyone has any advice on how to get her hair shiny I would really appreciate it. We have really hard water and it is impossible for it to look shiny and I have tried every product out there. Help!!


Jill said...

I was going to say you couldn't go wrong with a bob, but then you mentioned you like it longer....

how about long layers??

No matter what you do it will look great so you can't go wrong!! She is too cute for that!
Hugs, Jill

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I was going to say chin length bob too, but it would be hard to pull back!! Maybe you could compromise and take it up to her would be a little easier to manage, yet you could still pull it back!

I am sure whatever you do, it will look beautiful!! I can't wait to see the new look:)

Happy Labor Day!


Casey said...

I feel for her!! I have that same hair... curly / wavy under and also in the back and then straight top layer. It's such a pain! :) Honestly, my works better either really long and worn in a ponytail /braid (which I have right now) or short with an angle cut to it, so it is shorter in the back where it can puff out a bit with curls and longer in the front where I can push it behind my ears since it is straight. Does that make sense?

If it is longer, layers work too a bit... be sure they are long layers though b/c shorter layers can go crazy.

She's such a cutie though that any hair style looks fab. I actually love her hair the way it is :)

Good luck with your decision!!

Galloways said...

Keirsha has that same wave in her hair. Do you remember how I always kept it sort of stacked up in the back? Kinda like and A line but it was super cute and so easy. After I washed it, it would just fall into place. You wouldn't be able to do ponytails or braids but I still used to pull the front back or twist it with little clips. It will look cute no matter what. Don't forget to post after pics when ya cut it!

Super Mommy said...

While Jasmine doesn't share the same type of hair as Alexa - I do have issues with her fixing it. We have opted for a short bob with stacking in the back. She does have bangs, but Alexa wouldn't have to have them!

What type of shampoo/conditioner do you use on her hair? I buy the girls' from the hair salon - Cool Cuts 4 Kids, they have great products!

Can't wait to see the new "do"!

Jennifer said...

I was trying to let Katie's grow out for locks of love but it was getting so ratty. She got 4 inches cut off on Friday and it looks so much better and healthier.

I wanted to get a bob with stacked layers in the back but I was afraid to go to short.

I can't wait to see pictures of Alexa. It makes them look older after the hair cut too. It was like Katie matured instantly.

Jboo said...

Maybe chin length would be good so that you could still pull it back if you wanted. She's such a cutie -- any cut will look great on her!


Christie said...

Oh my goodness! She's sassy! I love it!


Hannah said...

I don't really have any suggestions...I just found your blog today. My daughter's hair is always in her face. Your daughter is adorable!

Georgea's Mommy said...

Perfect just the way it is! But, I think everything about Miss Alexa is just perfect. Love you guys!