Tuesday, September 22, 2009

~Cheaper than therapy~

This morning on my hour walk I decided to take some photos with my phone. I figured maybe if I can multitask the time will go faster. Truly I love (well "love" might be a little strong) my solitary walks in the desert. It is my time to be one with nature, suck up tons of dust in my lungs and burn off some snacks from the night before. Today I faced 25 mile an hour winds pushing against me which increased the dust particles I actually breathed in and produced an additional 500 calories burned! I wish!

This is how I start out, down a nice hill, gorgeous views and peace and quiet. I am actually enjoying myself at this point, planning my day and doing some self-reflection.

About a mile into it I, round this corner and get a great view of the Tonto National Forest that we live next to. A this point I am scouting for bobcats and mountain lions and hoping no snakes slither in front of me as I take my eyes off the road. I'm working up a sweat now and feeling good!

After about 2.5 miles, here I am about to tackle this little hill. It is one that I actually like since the view is incredible and I know I am past the half way point. I am thinking about my blessings and how I am thankful that I am healthy and can make this walk without passing out.

And then....I get to the bottom of this beast. I hate this hill!!! It is at the near end of my walk and I have lost my sense of humor at this point. I am sweaty and want to go home and have some coffee!!! And then I think, "Hey, I'll check my emails!" I have to take my phone with me in case of "an emergency" Wow, what a great idea. It is really the only way I can get up this hill. If my mind is otherwise occupied I can't think about the fact that I am dizzy and about to drop. It works! Up I go.

I turn around and look back at what I just did and feel pretty good. I've tackled the beast and am almost back home. The rest is a breeze.
I love and hate my walks. I feel nauseous for about 3 hours after I get home ( not sure why) but feel an accomplishment and more energy for doing it. The Chief says I am releasing 40 years of toxins, and that is why I don't feel well. Nice. I guess my walks are a little like therapy. I have a quiet place to think, I can leave my worries in the dirt, I can overcome hills and appreciate the beauty all around me . Works for me!


Jboo said...

Yay for you! What great therapy! I'd probably trip if I were checking emails and walking at the same time -- am not the greatest multi-tasker! It is nice to have some alone time! Hope you're having a great week!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What beautiful views....I can see how theraputic that could be!!

I do the same thing with my phone.....but usually I am on the treadmill. Anything to help pass the time....right?


Georgea's Mommy said...

GO GIRL!! I love your walks too!


Jennifer said...

Since I had been to your house I can really say how amazing the view is from your house!

What a pretty place to walk!

Hope to get back to Arizona some day!!!!