Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School

Alexa was so excited to go back to school this morning. We are so happy that she loves school!

I just love her smile!

We always take photos in the front of our house on the first day. We were running sort of late so we didn't have time to set up the tripod and get all three of us.

The look!

Alexa with one of her teachers, Ms. Renee.

Straight to it! She couldn't get rid of us fast enough. Here she is with one of her friends and they got right to work. : )


Doug and Terrye said...

I hope both of you had a great first day of school :)

Terrye in FL

Jboo said...

So sweet! It's so nice when they're so excited about school! Hope the first week back is a good one!


Felicia said...

Alexa...good luck in school, you look so cute on your first day!

Courtney said...

She looks so excited. I hope she has a great year!

Galloways said...

So cute. Makes me miss about you?

Georgea's Mommy said...

So sweet! I'm glad it was a good day!


Casey said...

Such a sweetie!! Hope she has a wonderful first week!!