Saturday, May 16, 2009

San Diego~Part 1

So, off we went Wednesday morning on our much anticipated California vacation. It's a 6 hour drive for us and we were planning on spending 3 nights. Alexa had never been to the beach so we wanted to spend time doing that and then Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. We arrived Wednesday afternoon and checked into our hotel which was right on the beach, perfect to listen to the ocean as it lulled us to sleep at night..oh wait, sleep?...not on this trip...! We immediately got our swimsuits on and went down to the beach. Alexa LOVED the ocean and getting chased by the water ( and her dad with the seaweed). We spent a couple of hours there and then Alexa wanted to go swim in the hotel pool. We were really having a fun time. It was starting to get late and we decided to head up and just have dinner in our room that night since we had a late lunch and wanted to get up early in the morning and go to Sea World.
So, off to bed we went ( a little late for Alexa but hey, it's vacation so who cares) and right away the coughing starts...incessantly. "Oh crud" I think to myself, here we go. At first we are thinking that maybe coming from a very dry climate and now being at the moist beach, she is having throat problems but after about 4 hours of restless coughing sleep she started to shake and then the fever hit. As is normal for Alexa she runs pretty high so we gave her some children's M~tr~n and hoped for the best. After none of us getting much sleep she seemed a bit better in the morning and off to Sea World we went. Throughout the day she seemed fine and we were having a great time. I have never been one of those parents who are like " We're here so let's just drag them around the park with 103 and make the best of it." I was really checking her and making sure she was getting enough fluids.
So, after a long day at Sea World we headed back to our hotel and decided to just rest until dinner. We were heading into La Jolla that night for a nice dinner and I wanted to take some photos beforehand. So, we relaxed, got dressed and off we went....and that's when vacation went from cautiously having a good time to "let's just get out of here!" be continued.....


Jboo said...

Oh no -- hope she's ok! The photos are fabulous!


Natalie said...

I hope she i feeling better. What a bummer to be on vacation and have her sick! The pictures are lovely and I especially love the one with her posing by the flowers. She is so beautiful!
I hope the rest of your trip is lovely but I can't wait to hear more.


Georgea's Mommy said...

I'm so sorry!! Hoping she woke up back to herself this morning! XO

Jennifer said...

Poor Alexa! Looks like she had some fun though.