Monday, March 16, 2009

First lesson in loss

Today we lost our beloved Mrs. Stubbs, one of our desert tortoises. We hibernate them ( we had 3) in the garage for the winter because it is too cold for them. Today we took them out and Mrs. Stubbs was dead. I had a bad feeling about her about 2 weeks ago and went in the garage and took her out of her box on a sunny day. I noticed she seemed quite dehydrated ( she never was a big drinker) and she actually came to us last year with some respiratory issues. We estimated her age was about 55 years old. They can live to 80. I tried to get her to drink and finally resorted to a baby syringe/eye dropper and tried to get some water in her that way. Well, we feel awful. Alexa wanted to see her so I took her into the garage and opened the box. We then had quite a discussion about death, heaven, souls, etc. We buried her on our property under a big tree and we can visit her grave. Alexa said a little prayer and we asked Jesus to take care of her in tortoise heaven. Afterwards, Alexa and I went to the library and we got a couple books out on dealing with the loss of a pet. I will read those to her tonight. We are sad but we are pretty sure she had a good life. The last year she spent with us and we loved her. Alexa sang to her every day and we talked to her as she walked around her courtyard home. I hope the two boys don't miss her too much. Beastie and her were like husband and wife so we will have to spoil him a bit and maybe find him a new girlfriend. ; ) We'll miss you Mrs. Stubbs!


Jboo said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of Mrs. Stubbs. She sounds like she had a wonderful long life. I sure didn't know they lived so long. Hope the books help. Take care.


Jennifer said...

Poor Mrs Stubbs! Wow I didn't realize they lived that long either.