Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Almost April

I love Spring time. I love having flowers and seeing all our plants come back to life. I love the feel of the warm sun on my face ( with sunscreen of course!). I love being outside all the time. The Chief always kids me because he will just find me sitting outside doing nothing but just enjoying the weather and will say, "Living in the Midwest for 27 years must have really screwed you up."

Alexa recently planted some tomato seeds and we've been checking everyday to see if they are sprouting. I would love to have a vegetable garden but up here that requires a bit of creativity and luck, not to mention building our own planter box with soil ( our ground is like rock here) and finding a place in the backyard for such a thing. I have been mulling it over and may try it next Spring. Alexa loves to garden so I think it would be worth a try.

April is going to be a busy busy month! We have birthday parties, our wedding anniversary, play dates, Easter, and most exciting is that one of the families from our travel group is vacationing in AZ and will be visiting us. We have only seen them one time since China at our reunion and we are really excited to spend some time together. I think it is so important for the girls to stay in contact. Alexa is super excited about seeing Jordan! We are hoping to reunite with all of our travel group in the Fall in Texas as well. : )


Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures. Sounds like you have a busy April. How fun that you will see Patty, Sean, Zack, and Jordan. Katie was so excited when we ran into Jordan. Jordan kept saying to Patty about Katie...My China Girl! It was really cute.


Felicia said...

These are such great pics...she couldn't be any cuter!

Amy said...

Make it stop!!! She looks so grown up to me in these pics. BEAUTIFUL & perfect!!