Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Picture Day

Today was picture day at school. I bribed Alexa with one Skittle to take these shots before we left in the morning. She now will not look at me or smile when I want her too so the Skittle bribe may be in place for a while. The good news is, only one Skittle does the trick!
Last year for pictures she cried and we never got any pictures so this year I decided to be with her at the school in case she freaked out again. Of course she was fine and did great ( other than not looking at the photographer or smiling) but I realized that I AM A STAGEMOM!! How embarrassing!!!! And...I couldn't even control myself even as I was telling myself " calm down, she's only 3 and it's not like this is for the cover of Seventeen magazine!" I'm crazy, I know it and it is only a matter of time before Alexa realizes it and tells me to stay far, far away from her school!! Heaven help me!

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