Sunday, September 21, 2008

Autumn Moon Fest

Alexa on the carousel. She had a lot of fun.

Riding the train together.

Riding the train with Amy.

She chose James to ride the carousel with her.

Making a kite.

Flying the kite ( it really flew). She ran around forever doing this ( it was only 100 degrees) and got a kick out of it although I'm not really sure if she new it was up and flying.

Running in the relay race together.

Collecting pine cones. This was the highlight of the fest. She was very into picking these off the ground and sort of became obsessed about keeping track of them.

With the Moon Princess. She must have been a "last minute princess" because her outfit says ASU student more than it says prepared Moon Princess.
Today we went to our FCC Autumn Moon Festival at the train park. We met our new friends Amy and James there. They are waiting for the referral of their daughter from China. We feel blessed that we have met such wonderful friends that live close by us and it will be so great when their daughter is here. We are so happy for them and it is exciting watching someone else's journey unfold. Alexa loves them and they are so sweet with her. It was a fun afternoon.

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