Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jumping in my jumpsuit!

Daddy love

Jump Jump Jump

My pretty girl

Practicing for ballet class..looks like a natural to me.


Washing her bike

A few months ago I posted that the three's were brutal. Well, I am happy to report that all that crazy behavior is gone and she is doing fantastic. She has changed so much in just the past few months. She is such a super kid. She is so funny, creative and smart. She amazes with her problem solving skills, independence and vocabulary. She loves to play mommy to her babies and is so kind. We are so proud of her.

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Kate said...


Hi! I found you through the link on Katie Min Min's blog. I am Kate from the April GW group. We adopted Lia at the same time as you brought Alexa home! She is just lovely....the pigtails are so cute! Lia turned 3 in December and thankfully we are seeing some better behavior recently...I agree...3 seemed much harder than 2 ever was!!

You all look like you are doing great! I will stop by again!!